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NAIDOC Week history Aboriginal rights groups began boycotting and protesting against Australia Day well before the 1920s. This eventually led to a...

Explore article - 23 Jun 2017

Koolark koort koorliny: reconciliation, art and storytelling in an Australian Aboriginal community

In Nyungar Country, in the south-west corner of Western Australia, reconciliation has taken a significant step forward as the whole community expe­...

News - 20 Jun 2017

Revitalising and Protecting Indigenous Knowledge

In the first week of April, Tran Tran, Nell Reidy, Doug Marmion, Thomas Allen and Amy Chesher from AIATSIS travelled to the Kiwirrkurra community to...

Blog post - 16 Jun 2017

My time as a Youth Parliamentarian

On the morning of the 28 March I received a call from the Australian Electoral Commission informing me that my application to the National Indigenous...

Blog post - 2 Jun 2017

The AFL's Aboriginal Origins

“In playing a game at ball which they kicked about - the different totems present two different sides and there were men and women on each side eg...

Blog post - 26 May 2017

Bringing them home

On 26 May 1997 the former Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission’s (HREOC) National Inquiry into the Separation of Aboriginal Children from...

Explore article - 25 May 2017

Sorry Books

The Sorry Books are a powerful record of the personal responses of Australians to the unfolding history of the Stolen Generations. They are a “people...

Gallery - 25 May 2017

What's New in Native Title - April 2017

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Publication or resource - 25 May 2017

Time to hit the National Reconciliation Week Trail

To celebrate this year’s National Reconciliation Week (NRW), Australia’s national cultural institutions and Reconciliation Australia have...

News - 24 May 2017

Gugu Badhun: People of the Valley of Lagoons

Bridging historical scholarship and Aboriginal oral tradition, this innovative book tells the story of the Gugu Badhun people of the Valley of...

Publication or resource - 23 May 2017

Keynote address NNTC 2017


Presentation - 23 May 2017

Native Title 1992-2017: Silver Jubilee, Silver Linings, Silver Bullets…

The anniversary of the historic Mabo judgment is rightly a time to celebrate the wind that blew the grit of terra nullius from the eye of a nation...

Presentation - 23 May 2017

Family History Unit at the Queanbeyan Heritage Festival

On April 21st 2017, PJ Williams and I were fortunate enough to attend the Queanbeyan Heritage Festival to promote the work of the Family History Unit...

Blog post - 22 May 2017

Professor Dodson steps down after 26 years

Professor Mick Dodson AM. Photo: AIATSIS After over a quarter of a century on the Council, 17 years as its Chairperson, Professor Mick Dodson...

News - 19 May 2017

Mabo: A catalyst for change: 25 years on

A discussion of the Mabo case and what it has achieved in the context of land rights litigation, legislation and indigenous political organisations...

Presentation - 16 May 2017

Mabo Lecture 2017

[[nid:26725]] Koiki (Eddie) Mabo (1936-92) was born on the island of Mer (also known as Murray Island) in the Torres Strait. As a young man Eddie...

Presentation - 16 May 2017

AIATSIS and IRCA formalise ties

The permanent preservation of, and access to, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples' cultural materials is the focus of a recently signed...

News - 12 May 2017

Protecting Country, Serving Nation

In a tranquil and reflective bush setting on the slopes of Mount Ainslie just behind the massive Byzantine Revival style of the Australian War...

Blog post - 3 May 2017

What's New in Native Title - March 2017

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Publication or resource - 28 Apr 2017