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National PBC Funding and Training Guide

The NTRU has compiled toolkits for Prescibed Bodies Corporate (PBCs). These toolkits have been created to assist native title holders to access...

Publication or resource - 2 Feb 2015

Authorisation and applicant decision-making

The recognition of native title in Australia’s legal system has created a unique context for legal principles regarding decision-making, governance,...

Research project - 21 Jan 2015

Prescribed Bodies Corporate

Overview Starting in 2011, the PBC Support Project aims to facilitate networking and coordinate the flow of information to...

Research project - 2 Dec 2014

Indigenous Institutions and Climate Change Adaptation

Project background Native title holders have communal responsibility for managing climate change risk, as well as cultural knowledge that can...

Research project - 2 Dec 2014

Understanding Native Title Economies

Overview Understanding native title economies: tracking community time and work The number of native title corporations, commonly referred to...

Research project - 2 Dec 2014