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The Northern Land Council and the courts: a legal history

The Land Rights Act is celebrated as the high water mark of indigenous land rights legislation in Australia, if not globally.   While the...

Presentation - 28 Apr 2016

Has anyone seen the Model Litigant?

The idea of the State, Territory and Commonwealth Governments as model litigants in litigation has sound common law roots.  In Australia the...

Presentation - 28 Apr 2016

Native title: community engagement, empowerment and self-determination

Conflict resolution processes have primarily been used to assist those in conflict to bring disputes and often the relationships to an end....

Presentation - 28 Apr 2016

Indigenous fishing issues

Native title determinations – the Blue Mud Bay decision and the increase of Indigenous Protected Areas have all supported an increase in Aboriginal...

Presentation - 28 Apr 2016

Developing guidelines for managing information in native title

Over the past 20 years, the native title regime has seen millions of dollars invested in research about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples...

Presentation - 28 Apr 2016

Traditional, instinctive, elementary: the model litigant standard in native title

Judicial authority indicating that the Crown must act – and be seen to act – as a “model litigant” is longstanding. The model litigant standard...

Presentation - 28 Apr 2016

Native title and compensation: lessons learned in Timber Creek

In April and February 2016, the Federal Court was asked to adjudicate questions relating to the quantum of compensation for the extinguishment and...

Presentation - 28 Apr 2016

Knowledge Partnerships

Native title groups in the Pilbara and Yamatji regions of Western Australia have seen dramatic change over the last decade through the growth and...

Presentation - 28 Apr 2016

The Far West Coast Experience

The Far West Coast journey from Applicant through to Consent Determination and holding Native Title has been an exciting one. There have been...

Presentation - 28 Apr 2016

Digital tracking: preserving culture in the internet era

The nature of historical research has changed dramatically in the past decade.  While old fashioned archival research remains important (and...

Presentation - 28 Apr 2016

The Northern Territory Land Rights Act: local decision making, the role of land councils and recent developments in township leasing

This presentation will examine the legal framework concerning traditional owner decision-making, the role of Land Councils under the Act and the...

Presentation - 28 Apr 2016

Sustainable development through asset leasing

This panel explores an approach to leveraging the income streams of native title groups and other Indigenous organisations in order to finance...

Presentation - 28 Apr 2016

Applicant’s viewpoint: Tracing Native Title governance - Conception to determining Traditional Owner futures

In October 2015, the Federal Court handed down a native title consent determination for the Mithaka people of South-West Queensland. Covering...

Presentation - 28 Apr 2016

Commercial opportunities from Native Title: The Antakirinja Matu-Yankunytjatjara peoples’ journey to economic benefit

The Coober Pedy region of South Australia is the traditional country of the Antakirinja Matu-Yankunytjatjara people. The Native Title journey of the...

Presentation - 26 Apr 2016

Free, prior and informed consent and native title

This paper seeks to address the question: ‘What is the relevance of international law regarding free, prior and informed consent to the recognition...

Presentation - 20 Apr 2016

Native Title in the News - March 2016

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Publication or resource - 4 Apr 2016

Collaborative management of protected areas

Negotiations between native title holders and government bodies for joint management arrangements over national parks and other conservation areas...

Research project - 29 Mar 2016

Mabo Lecture 2016

Koiki (Eddie) Mabo (1936-92) was born on the island of Mer (also known as Murray Island) in the Torres Strait. As a young man Eddie...

Presentation - 23 Mar 2016

Land Claims, Reconciliation, and the Resurgence of Indigenous Nationhood

The presentation will detail the shortcomings of land claims processes and the limitations of “reconciliation” in Canada as a framework for...

Presentation - 23 Mar 2016

What's New in Native Title - February 2016

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Publication or resource - 18 Mar 2016