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Ethnographic evidence, rights and interests, and Native Title claim research

Australia’s Native Titles system brings together a range of sectors and disciplines, including the legal and anthropological professions. While...

Publication or resource - 5 Feb 2015

Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose?: The 2007 amendments to the Native Title Act

The Claims Resolution Review was initiated by the Attorney-General to consider 'the dispute-resolution functions of the Court and the NNTT under the...

Publication or resource - 5 Feb 2015

Negotiation in good faith under the Native Title Act: A critical analysis

After briefly exploring the historical and ideological origins of the right to negotiate embodied in s31(1)(b) of the Native Title Act, this paper...

Publication or resource - 5 Feb 2015

Written proof: The appropriation of genealogical records in contemporary Arrernte society

For decades, anthropologists working in the Northern Territory have prepared written materials, including genealogies. These materials form evidence...

Publication or resource - 5 Feb 2015

The business of process: Research issues in managing Indigenous decision-making and disputes in land

In developing Indigenous governance approaches, including decision-making and dispute management processes in Indigenous communities, there has been...

Publication or resource - 4 Feb 2015