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Australian Aboriginal Studies: Issue 2, 2011

Abstracts for Issue 2, 2011 Straight line stories: Representations and Indigenous Australian identities in sports discourses Lawrence Bamblett...

Publication or resource - 15 Feb 2015

White picket fence or Trojan horse? The debate over communal ownership of Indigenous land and individual wealth creation

In 2005, a national debate about wealth creation on communally owned Indigenous land gathered a good deal of momentum. There had perhaps been...

Publication or resource - 6 Feb 2015

Policy Change and the Indigenous Land Corporation

The Indigenous Land Corporation (ILC) was established in 1995 by the Keating Government as one element of its three-part response to the Mabo...

Publication or resource - 4 Feb 2015

Native Title Information Handbooks

The Native Title Information Handbooks provide a summary of resources and information relating to key areas of native title. The Handbooks...

Publication or resource - 2 Feb 2015

Emerging issues in Indigenous land and sea management

The relationship between Indigenous Australians and their lands and waters is complex.  Ancient responsibilities guide the reciprocal...

Research project - 17 Dec 2014