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The difference identity makes: Indigenous Cultural Capital in Australian Cultural Fields

Through the struggles of Indigenous Australians for recognition and self-determination it has become common sense to understand Australia as made up...

Publication or resource - 23 May 2019

Tasmanian Film Project

Excerpt from Tasmanian Film Project (1984, AIATSIS, AIAS_002-FC00418_1-16). Please note this video has not sound.

Video - 31 Aug 2018

Following the Franklin: Kim McKenzie and the Tasmanian Film Project

This month marks 35 years since the Federal Government ceased the Hydro-Electric Commission’s construction of a dam on the Franklin River in...

Blog post - 27 Aug 2018

Finding families on film

It’s a Long Road Back DVD cover This year marks 10 years since the National Apology to Australia’s Stolen Generations, 20 years since the...

Blog post - 3 Apr 2018

The Importance of Songs and Dances of Torres Strait

We don’t have a transcript available yet for this video. If you need to access this video in an alternate format, contact us for assistance. We...

Video - 23 Oct 2017

Audiovisual Heritage of Torres Strait Singing and Dancing

World Day for Audiovisual Heritage raises awareness about the importance and vulnerability of audiovisual collections. It is predicted that the...

Blog post - 17 Oct 2017

AIAS film-maker to be honoured at film festival

Kim McKenzie, former film-maker with the Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies (AIAS), will be honoured at the Canberra International Film...

News - 17 Oct 2017

Yorky Billy

   Yorky Billy spent his long life in the bush in a part of the Northern Territory now undergoing massive change with the development of...

Publication or resource - 12 Feb 2015

Waiting for Harry

Set in Arnhem Land, east of Maningrida, we witness Frank Gurrmanamana as he prepares the final mortuary ceremonies for his dead brother.

Publication or resource - 12 Feb 2015

Stockman's Strategy

Stockman's Strategy explores the philosophy of teaching and learning of Sunny Bancroft, manager of an Aboriginal-run cattle station in northern New...

Publication or resource - 12 Feb 2015

Lockhart Festival

A dance festival, organised by the Aboriginal people of Lockhart River in northern Queensland, becomes an occasion of forging social links among...

Publication or resource - 12 Feb 2015

Good-bye Old Man

A last request of a Tiwi man on Melville Island was that a film be made of the pukumani (bereavement) ceremony to follow his death. The film follows...

Publication or resource - 12 Feb 2015

Full Circle

The identity of Garawa men centres on their skills with horses and cattle. This film looks at the development of this identity as stockmen...

Publication or resource - 12 Feb 2015

Coniston Muster

This film is a sympathetic portrait of Coniston Johnny, the Aboriginal head stockman of Coniston Station, northwest of Alice Springs. It is a...

Publication or resource - 11 Feb 2015

Collum Calling Canberra

Gordon Smith, head of the cooperative that runs Collum Collum Station in northern New South Wales, and Sunny Bancroft, its manager, are trying to get...

Publication or resource - 11 Feb 2015

Cass - No Saucepan Diver

Aboriginal film-maker Wayne Barker returned to his home in Broome, Western Australia, to make this film about his grandfather, Cass Drummond. The...

Publication or resource - 11 Feb 2015

Camels and the Pitjantjara

The camel was introduced into central Australia in the early days of European penetration. The Pitjantjatjara (Pitjantjara) have tamed and used...

Publication or resource - 11 Feb 2015