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AIAS film-maker to be honoured at film festival

Kim McKenzie, former film-maker with the Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies (AIAS), will be honoured at the Canberra International Film...

News - 17 Oct 2017

Protecting Country, Serving Nation

In a tranquil and reflective bush setting on the slopes of Mount Ainslie just behind the massive Byzantine Revival style of the Australian War...

Blog post - 3 May 2017

Capturing the AIATSIS Possum Skin Cloak

A few hundred years ago, a newborn Aboriginal baby in southeast Australia would have likely been protected from the extreme cold and wet weather by a...

Blog post - 6 Feb 2017

Gagadju Man: Keeping his legacy alive

In 2014, Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS) launched the celebration of our 50th anniversary with 30...

Explore article - 3 Jun 2015

Rare early image of Corroboree

Newcastle tribe in 1818 from 'An Historical Account of the Colony of New South Wales and its Dependent Settlements' by Captain James Wallis....

Explore article - 3 Jun 2015

A Walbiri Fire Ceremony: Ngatjakula

Ngatjakula is one of the most spectacular ceremonies of central Australia, employing fire to inflict real and symbolic punishment on those...

Publication or resource - 12 Feb 2015

Waiting for Harry

Set in Arnhem Land, east of Maningrida, we witness Frank Gurrmanamana as he prepares the final mortuary ceremonies for his dead brother.

Publication or resource - 12 Feb 2015

Mourning for Mangatopi

This film documents a pukumani (bereavement) ceremony of the Tiwi of Melville Island. An old man organises the ceremony held for his dead son's...

Publication or resource - 12 Feb 2015


When this film was made, few young men on Mornington Island in the Gulf of Carpentaria had passed through the traditional ceremony that signals...

Publication or resource - 12 Feb 2015

The House-Opening

When Geraldine Kawanka's husband died she and her children left their house at Aurukun on Cape York Peninsula. In earlier times, a bark house would...

Publication or resource - 12 Feb 2015

Good-bye Old Man

A last request of a Tiwi man on Melville Island was that a film be made of the pukumani (bereavement) ceremony to follow his death. The film follows...

Publication or resource - 12 Feb 2015

Australia: William Blandowski’s illustrated encyclopaedia of Aboriginal Australia

Summary William Blandowski was an explorer, natural scientist and artist who led a Victorian government expedition to the junction of the Murray...

Publication or resource - 19 Jan 2015