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Country of the Heart: An Australian Indigenous homeland (Second edition)

Summary Country of the heart provides an introduction to the connections between Aboriginal people and the land that has sustained and nurtured...

Publication or resource - 3 Dec 2014

Remembering the future: Walpiri life through the prism of drawing

Summary What can drawings reveal about their makers? In 1953 anthropologist Mervyn Meggitt invited Warlpiri men at Hooker Creek to draw with...

Publication or resource - 3 Dec 2014

Belonging Together: Dealing with the politics of disenchantment in Australian Indigenous policy

Summary Belonging together provides a unique overview of the trajectory of current Indigenous policy, with Sullivan advancing a new consolidated...

Publication or resource - 3 Dec 2014

Murray River Country: An Ecological Dialogue with Traditional Owners

Summary Murray River Country discusses the water crisis from a unique perspective – the intimate stories of love and loss from the viewpoints of...

Publication or resource - 3 Dec 2014

Aboriginal Business: Alliances in a remote Aboriginal town

Summary Christen worked collaboratively with Warumungu people to establish a digital archive of Warumungu history and culture, and contributed to...

Publication or resource - 3 Dec 2014