Returning Native Title Materials

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The native title system has produced a remarkable and unprecedented research effort, both in size and scope. The information assets created by native title claims are large, complex and of historical, cultural and economic value to current and future members of native title groups, as well as to the nation more broadly. The management of these materials represents an ongoing challenge for native title groups and their representatives.

The Returning Native Title Materials project (formally known as Managing Information in Native Title) explores the use of the material collected through this process, including appropriate management, storage and return to native title groups. This project will examines the current practices among Native Title Representative Bodies and Service Providers (NTRB/SPs) and Prescribed Bodies Corporate (PBCs). Resources on best practice for the related governance, archival, infrastructure and legal issues will be shared with the sector.

Case studies

Presentations and Workshops

  • McGrath, P, Dinkler, L & Andriolo, A, ‘Managing Information in Native Title Workshop’ at the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies, Canberra., 16-17 March 2015
  • Dinkler, L ‘Outcomes from a workshop on managing information in native title’, presentation at Native Title Conference 2015: Leadership, Legacy and Opportunity, 16 June 2015.
  • Andriolo, A, Laycock, M & Osbourne, J, 'Guidelines for Managing Information in Native Title', workshop at National Native Title Conference 2016: strong culture, strong country, strong future, 1 June 2016.


Further reading and resources

Last reviewed: 23 Apr 2020