Discussion papers

The Discussion papers below are the results of our workshops and research projects, available in peer-reviewed publications.

Native title and traditional ownership discussion papers

Cover Title Author Edition Date
Reflections on a native title anthropology field school cover Reflections on a native title anthropology field school
  • Andrew McWilliam
  • Jodi Neale
Apr, 2015
Cover of What's needed to prove native title What’s needed to prove native title? Finding flexibility within the law on connection
  • Nick Duff
35 Jun, 2014
Gardens of discontent report cover Gardens of discontent: health and horticulture in remote Aboriginal Australia
  • Ernest Hunter
  • Leigh-ann Onnis
  • John Pritchard
Feb, 2014
We have the song cover We have the song, so we have the land: song and ceremony as proof of ownership in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander land claims
  • Grace Koch
33 Jun, 2013
Pathways to the co-management of protected areas and native title in Australia
  • Toni Bauman
  • Chris Haynes
  • Gabrielle Lauder
32 May, 2013
discussion paper cover Scoping process issues in negotiating Native Title agreements
  • Delwyn Everard
23 Dec, 2009
Discussion Paper cover image The Promise of Comprehensive Native Title Settlements: The Burrup, MG-Ord and Wimmera Agreements
  • Krysti Guest
27 Dec, 2009
discussion paper cover Policy Change and the Indigenous Land Corporation
  • Patrick Sullivan
Jul, 2009
discussion paper cover Holding title and managing land in Cape York: Two case studies
  • Prof Paul Memmott
  • Peter Blackwood
21 Dec, 2008
discussion paper cover Communal land and the amendments to the Aboriginal Land Rights Act (NT)
  • Prof Michael Dodson AM
  • Diana McCarthy
19 Dec, 2006
discussion paper cover The business of process: Research issues in managing Indigenous decision-making and disputes in land
  • Toni Bauman
  • Rhiân Williams
13 Dec, 2004
cover How can judges calculate Native Title compensation?
  • Paul Burke
Aug, 2002
discussion paper cover Negotiating major project agreements: The Cape York model
  • Ciaran O'Faircheallaigh
Dec, 1999
Last reviewed: 29 Jun 2015