PBC Capability Project

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Delegates of the National PBC Meeting, 2016, Darwin

Across Australia an ever increasing number of Prescribed Body Corporates (PBC) are working to manage and protect the native title rights and interests of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. With the amount of PBCs registered over the last decade double that of the previous 11 years, and with further registrations expected in the near future, AIATSIS has commenced the PBC Capability Project to provide insight and research into the expanding PBC sector and the post-determination landscape.

The PBC Capability Project team will work with PBCs and NTRBs to collect information about the work that PBCs do, as well as information about the size, function, governance, operational and economic capacity of PBCs around Australia.

The data collected will build upon the 2011 analysis of publicly available PBC data by the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C) and the 2013 PBC Capacity Survey conducted by AIATSIS. This information will produce high-quality, evidenced-based policy research and information, resources and networking for PBCs on the ground.

Whilst we often hear about the challenges and difficulties faced by PBCs, rarely are the positive stories about the work of PBCs shared or celebrated within the mainstream media. In addition to examining the challenges faced by PBCs in fulfilling their requirements, this project aims to draw out and celebrate some of the constructive and encouraging work that PBCs are undertaking.

This information will be shared on the PBC website.

We need you - PBCs and NTRB/SPs

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The NTRU are seeking interest from PBCs and NTRBs/SPs for this project to complete surveys and/or project partners for case studies.

If you are part of a PBC or a NTRB/SP and would like to be involved in this project, please contact Dr Belinda Burbidge on belinda.burbidge@aiatsis.gov.au or 02 6261 4226

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Last reviewed: 13 Nov 2019