Native Title and traditional ownership resources and information services

Our native title and traditional ownership research team generate a high volume of publications, resources and information for the Native Title sector. You can subscribe to receive email updates when new native title publications and resources are released. 

  • Native Title information handbook: provides a summary of resources and information relating to key areas of Native Title.
  • Native Title Law Database: is the most comprehensive collection of publicly accessible native title case and legislation summaries in Australia. Previously published as What's New in Native Title, the database is a key resource for traditional owners, practitioners and researchers.
  • Native Title Newsletter: provides organisations, practitioners and individuals involved in Native Title with up-to-date developments in Native Title.
  • Prescribed Bodies Corporate Profiles
  • PBC Training and Funding Guides
  • Issues Papers: 'Land, Rights, Laws: Issues of Native Title' is a multi-disciplinary series of independently peer-reviewed research papers that analyse emerging issues in native title research.
  • Submissions: contributions to parliamentary inquiries and other government review processes. 
  • Reports: the results of our workshops and research projects are published in peer-reviewed reports. 
  • Books: develop topical themes in Native Title in a cohesive work of scholarship that contains specialist analysis and review and integrates relevant research which is sensitive to the cross-disciplinary nature of the field.
  • Discussion papers: provide a greater understanding of contemporary issues in Native Title by introducing new research topics and innovative approaches. These papers are anonymously peer-reviewed and may locate the topic within policy frameworks.
  • Helpful links: to related organisation's websites and further reading.
  • Registered Native Title Bodies Corporate: links to relevant legislation, regulations and guidelines for setting up an RNTBC. It also provides other resources to help managing an RNTCB.
Last reviewed: 14 Dec 2018