National Prescribed Bodies Corporate (PBC) Website Redevelopment Project

PBCs are cultural custodians for Country
Project status: 

Alongside PBC research projects, AIATSIS provides a range of information services and support to Prescribed Bodies Corporate (PBCs) – including the PBC website

The NTRU are currently redeveloping the structure, design and content of the PBC website to suit the needs of the rapidly expanding PBC sector. Once completed, the new PBC website will be the most comprehensive, high-quality, functional and convenient source information about PBCs and will serve as a platform for wider range of content and increased networking within the PBC sector.

Alongside improved usability and structure, the content of the website will be expanded to include a wider range of information for native title organisations and stakeholders, such as guides and resources and community news and events.

The new PBC website will include:

  • searchable PBC profiles with up-to-date geospatial data, contact details and information about determinations and PBC projects
  • background information about native title, PBCs, ORIC and the CATSI Act
  • resources on topical issues in the native title sector such as decision-making, consultation, water rights and compensation
  • information for PBCs about commercial and community development, land and sea management, cultural heritage projects,  fee for service work, future acts and ILUAs
  • governance resources including information and guides about communication, strategic planning, partnerships, policies and dispute management
  • compliance information including information about meetings, constitutions and reporting
  • guides for members, staff and directors
  • information about youth and succession planning in PBCs
  • searchable training and funding guides
  • searchable register of publications
  • glossary
  • news and events.


Blechynden, A 2017 ‘Digital Development: Information Resources and PBCs’, paper presented at the National Native Title Conference, Townsville, Australia, June.

Last reviewed: 23 Apr 2020