Getting PBCs off the Ground

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The Getting PBCs off the Ground project offers support to native title corporations - Prescribed Bodies Corporate (PBCs) in two main ways:

  1. Facilitating networks and knowledge
  2. Producing resources and products

1. Facilitating networks and knowledge

We work to promote awareness of PBCs among Commonwealth and State governments to build the capacities of PBCs, as well as creating networks between PBCs around Australia and the Torres Strait Islands.

Since 2007 we have convened national meetings and regional workshops to share resources, promote stakeholder communication, and assist PBCs advocate their interests.

PBC regional meeting, 2011, Cairns

PBC regional meeting, 2011, Cairns

The next Annual National PBC meeting will be held on the 31 May 2016, in Darwin, the day before the National Native Title Conference.

For information on previous PBC meetings and workshops:

PBC National Meeting, 2009, Melbourne

PBC National Meeting, 2009, Melbourne

  • Producing resources and products

There are 145 PBCs around Australia and the Torres Strait Islands, a number that is growing each year. The experiences and needs of PBCs are diverse, depending on the size, age and activity levels of each corporation.
Taking in account this diversity, we produce a range of resources for PBCs - from those who are newly formed to those who have expanded into new fields, such as community development, commercial interests, cultural heritage and land management.
We manage the Native Title Corporation website and create profiles for all PBCs. The profiles contain information about each PBC including:

  • History of the organisation
  • Profile information: name, geographic details, contact details, and website
  • Administrative information: Corporation number, corporation date, and links to relevant corporation documents

Additionally AIATSIS produces and updates Funding and Training Guides for each state, as well as a national one, to assist PBCs in obtaining financial and other support.


We are currently working with North Queensland Land Council (NQLC) to produce a PBC toolkit, which:

  • explains the rules, legislation and procedures associated with setting up and running a PBC
  • explains the roles and functions of board members and other directors
  • provides guidance to understanding the role and functions of corporate regulators
  • provides useful information on the formal and informal rules associated with running meetings and making good decisions
  • provides comprehensive information on managing future acts
  • procedures to follow in the event of bankruptcy
  • contains practical tips on common pitfalls for newly established PBCs

In 2016-17 we aim to produce a National PBC Toolkit, available online and with training opportunities.

We regularly conduct surveys and seek advice from PBCs about their needs, aspirations and what kind of support they need into the future.

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Last reviewed: 20 Nov 2019