All languages and cultural expression publications and resources

Title Publication type Author/Editor Date
Submission to the Australian Heritage Strategy
  • Pamela Faye McGrath
Jun, 2014

The AIATSIS submission to the draft Australian Heritage Strategy provides informed comment on the priorities, commitments and proposed actions identified in the Draft Australian Heritage Strategy (April 2014), and proposes a number of ways in which AIATSIS could, if appropriately, resourced, contribute to the Strategy.

Community, identity, wellbeing: The report of the Second National Indigenous Languages Survey
Research outputs
  • Dr Doug Marmion
  • Dr Kazuko Obata
  • Dr Jakelin Troy
Feb, 2014

Key insights for governments and communities into the current situation of Indigenous Australian languages, how they are being supported and how best to continue this support.

Urban representations: cultural expression, identity and politics
Jun, 2012

From mural art to the tradition of making possum skin cloaks, this book looks at artistic expression and its relationship to Aboriginal life and culture in a variety of media and in different urban locations.

Gaps in Australia's Indigenous language policy: dismantling bilingual education in the Northern Territory
Discussion paper
  • Jane Simpson
  • Dr Jo Caffery
  • Patrick McConvell
Dec, 2009

This discussion paper recognises the importance and benefits of bilingual education for Indigenous children. It outlines the rights to decision-making within communities in maintaining Indigenous languages, and looks at the policy change in the Northern Territory.

National Indigenous Languages Survey Report 2005
Research outputs
  • Patrick McConvell
  • Dr Doug Marmion
  • Sally McNicol
Nov, 2005

In 2004 AIATSIS was commissioned by the Commonwealth Government (through the then Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts, DCITA) to carry out an assessment of the state of Indigenous languages and language programs in Australia.

The community game: Aboriginal self-definition at the local level
Discussion paper
  • Frances Peters-Little
Dec, 2000

This paper researches the Aboriginal people living in the Walgett region of New South Wales. Topics include a brief history; the missions, reserves and pastoral stations; the elders; and the community as it relates to identity, self-determination, native title and reconciliation.