Weed management on Native Title land

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Project background

This research considers the implications of the changing nature of land ownership for Australia’s weed management; the weed management priorities of native title holders; and, the opportunities and limitations of current weed institutions, policies and programs with respect to native title holders.

Native title lands now encompass more than 12% of the Australian continent, and native title holders have an important role in local, regional and national weed management. Native title holders with exclusive possession native title can be considered landholders under the various land acts around the country. Native title holders manage their rights and interests through their corporate form (Registered Native Title Bodies Corporate (RNTBCs), Some RNTBCs and, or, their ranger groups have undertaken weed management programs as part of CDEP (Commonwealth Development Employment Projects) or Caring for Country programs. With the gradual demise of CDEP, and the unfunded governance context of RNTBCs, the work on weed management faces significant challenges. 

Project objectives

This project combines a desktop literature review with a facilitated workshop, to produce a research report. The workshop offers an opportunity to bring together RNTBCs and weed stakeholders to discuss and inform current practice. As part of the literature review, a legal framework will be developed to consider the status of native title holders as land holders in relation to weeds in each State and Territory. The project aims to provide weed stakeholders with the knowledge required to develop effective working relationship with RNTBCs, based upon an appreciation of their unique systems of communal land ownership. The project will also provide RNTBCs with an opportunity to identify potential partnerships and resources for weed management on native title lands.

Project team

  • Dr Jessica Weir
  • Mr Nick Duff
  • Dr Kara Youngentob
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Last reviewed: 18 Apr 2016