The Checking and Learning Project

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Charles Darwin University’s Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation of Joint Management Project

This checking and learning project is about helping Traditional Owners and the NT Parks and Wildlife Service (Parks) to improve joint management by working together. Parks and Traditional Owners assisted by the Northern and Central Land Councils and Charles Darwin University are discussing and deciding on a framework to monitor and evaluate joint management of four parks. The framework will identify key questions (indicators) to find out how joint management activities in Parks are working, like caring for country, looking after visitors and decision-making processes.

The project ran for three years (2008-2011). Funds for the project were provided by the Australian Research Council as well as Parks, Northern and Central Land Councils and Charles Darwin University.

Interim findings and activities of the Project have been prepared by Dr Natasha Stacey and Dr Arturo Izurietawere. Findings were presented at the AIATSIS NTRU 2010 Native Title Conference:

End of project findings have been published as journal paper, and also formed the basis of a guidebook, which is intended for use by traditional owners, parks staff and land council staff involved in joint management.


Last reviewed: 18 Apr 2016