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Urban health: Strengthening our voice, culture and partnerships
Jun, 2012

The experiences and insights of Indigenous and non-Indigenous researchers from across Australia on health challenges and successful strategies for urban Aboriginal health, with chapters on diabetes prevention, caregiving, injury prevention and the power of sport to reduce chronic disease

Indigenous epistemology and wellbeing: Universe referent citizenship
Discussion paper
  • Kerry Arabena
Dec, 2008

This paper considers the potential for wellbeing within the concept of the universe as an 'acceptance of and protection of the welfare of all human beings and nature'. It draws on Indigenous philosophies and ecological knowledge and summarises responses from a series of interviews on the subject and offers some recommendations.

Beyond sandy blight: five Aboriginal experiences as staff on the National Trachoma and Eye Health Program
  • Jilpia Jones
  • Trevor Buzzacott
  • Gordon Briscoe
  • Reg Murray
  • Rose Murray
Oct, 2008

Insider accounts of the National Trachoma and Eye Health Program for rural Aboriginal (and non-Aboriginal) Australians, led by Fred Hollows during the 1970s.

Aborigines and uranium: Monitoring the health hazards
Discussion paper
  • Colin Tatz
  • Alan Cass
  • John Condon
  • George Tippett
Dec, 2006

This paper looks at one critical case study of an Aboriginal community living near a uranium mine and mill in the Kakadu region. It addresses issues raised in the draft report of the Uranium Mining, Processing and Nuclear Energy Review and offers a positive model for ongoing monitoring of health protection and prevention measures.

Back to Redfern: Autonomy and the 'Middle E' in relation to Aboriginal Health
Discussion paper
  • Ernest Hunter
Jul, 2006

This paper challenges medical doctors to think about what it means to strive for a just society for the health of Indigenous people. It looks at the competing values and responsibilities at the 'clinical coal-face'.