Stolen Generations

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FaHCSIA engaged AIATSIS to conduct a Stolen Generations Research Project. The project will consolidate existing data sets on the number, location, need and use of services by the Stolen Generations to assist with planning and improving services such as aged care, health and mental health.

The project aims to establish an evidence base available to government and services to inform future policy and program development for Stolen Generations. It will inform government and service providers on the intergenerational impact of the policy of forced removals, such as the high representation of families in the corrections and child protection systems.

AIATSIS will identify and collect data from its own services, various government and statutory services such as FaHCSIA, DoHA and ABS, and non-government sources such as Link-Up services and other social and emotional wellbeing services. Only de-identified information will be referenced in this project.


Last reviewed: 23 Feb 2017