Lowitja History: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health research in practice

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The project aims to capture the history of the Lowitja Institute and its predecessor CRCs (Centre for Cooperative Research), including the pre-CRC journey, and create a published book and enhanced ebook for the health research sector and the broader research world.
It will:
  • Describe the evolution of the Lowitja Institute and predecessors in the health research landscape
  • Highlight the vision of influential individuals embodied in the Institute’s work
  • Capture the contribution that the Institute has made to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health research (methodology and body of work), and 
  • Highlight important partnerships and the reasons for their success. 
The project will include extended recorded interviews with key people who were significant contributors to the establishment of the first CRC and who were involved in the organisation over the past 17 years. These interviews with key stakeholders are a key component of the research. 

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Last reviewed: 23 Feb 2017