AIATSIS CEO Craig Ritchie, Nathan Newland (Njamal Project Consultant), Tony Taylor (Senior Nyamal Elder and Njamal People’s Trust Representative), Evelyn Mitchell (Njamal People’s trust representative), Cheryl Geary (Community Liaison Office, Njamal People’s Trust) . Photo courtesy of WA Museum.

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Craig Ritchie (Dhunghutti/Biripi)
Chief Executive Officer, AIATSIS

Shaun Angeles Penangke (Arrernte) 
Artwe-kenhe Collection Researcher
Strehlow Research Centre
Museum & Art Gallery of the Northern Territory

Naomi Appleby (Karajarri Yawuru)
2019 Encounters Fellow
Project Coordination Officer, Future Acts & Heritage
Land & Sea Nyamba Buru Yawuru

John Carty
Head of Humanities
South Australian Museum

Stephen Welsh
Curator of Living Culture​s
Manchester Museum, The University of Manchester

Last reviewed: 15 Jul 2020