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This project involves the development of a methodology for measuring the impact of research undertaken by AIATSIS and applying that methodology to a series of case studies. We are researching current literature regarding impact evaluation, writing a paper on valuing the impact of projects that strengthen intangible cultural heritage, and assessing the impact of three AIATSIS research projects.

Assessing research impact is a critical element of AIATSIS’ aspirations to collaborate with Indigenous partners and create meaningful change within communities. However, how impact is defined and assessed is not clear nor is there an established methodology for assessing the unique research that is carried out at AIATSIS – in accordance with the principles of the Guidelines for Ethical Research in Australian Indigenous Studies (GERAIS) and in collaboration with communities. AIATSIS has received positive feedback for its research activities, but this feedback is mostly anecdotal and has not been able to articulate the interlinkages between research, storytelling and its contribution to cultural confidence or its reinvigoration of cultural practices, governance forms and languages. This project aims to address these issues.

Last reviewed: 15 May 2017