Knowledge Exchange Platform

A key component for the Indigenous Research Exchange is to make research findings more accessible, more contestable and more useable, especially for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. To achieve this, the Exchange will include a Knowledge Exchange Platform (the Platform) that will capture research findings from the Exchange Grants Program.

This is an exciting opportunity for AIATSIS and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and organisations, to work together to translate research into meaningful, useful and practical information.

The Platform will:

  • Hold information collected from the Indigenous Research Exchange Grant Programs, including outcomes, reports and any data that can be used to show evidence.
  • Hold other sources of data that organisations/individuals have agreed to deposit into the Platform.
  • Hold the data in a way that is usable, appropriately accessible and supports the setting of priorities.
  • Be a powerful resource for community-based leadership and community-led decision making.

The Platform is currently in development, and will be led by Indigenous expertise, and underpinned by protocols for access that uphold principles of Indigenous Data Governance (IDG), Indigenous Data Sovereignty (IDS) and Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property (ICIP). It is an evolving platform and will be updated regularly.

It is anticipated that the Knowledge Exchange Platform will also provide links and networks to other data sources and knowledge repositories, including the wide range of information available within AIATSIS.

For further information please contact the Knowledge Exchange Platform team: or T: 02 6261 4260 or 02 6246 4181


Last reviewed: 2 Sep 2020