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These finding aids cover a selection of manuscript and audiovisual material in our collection.

New finding aids are being compiled and added to this list regularly however, not every manuscript or audiovisual item in our collection has its own finding aid.

Please check the Mura catalogue for those items which do not have a finding aid.

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Name Download Type
5183 Moyle, Richard ms_5183_richard_moyle.pdf (281.09 KB) Manuscript finding aid
A Transfer of Power rushes aias_088_fc00192_1-10_a_transfer_of_power_interim.pdf (464.76 KB) Moving image finding aid
Abbie, Andrew Arthur. Papers, 1905-76 ms_65_abbie_aa_final.pdf (930.99 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Aboriginal Affairs Press Clippings Collection ms_4090_aboriginalaffairs_press_cuttings.pdf (527.13 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Bible translation files ms5027_bible_translation_files.pdf (620.35 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission (ATSIC), Victorian and Tasmanian Office, Press cuttings. 1980-1991 ms5069.pdf (122.79 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Aboriginal cricket at Lord's: the Down Unders Aboriginal Junior Cricketers' 2001 U.K. re-enactment tour audition_sheet_-_atsic_001_v09459_1_aboriginal_cricket_at_lords.pdf (132.6 KB) Moving image finding aid
Aboriginal Embassy, Mugga way ms_4013_aboriginal_embassy_mugga_way.pdf (900.06 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Aboriginal Families of the Moree Region MS4165.htm (12.35 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Aboriginal Land Rights Support Group MS2538.PDF (108.98 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Aboriginal Language, Adolf Kristen ms_1239_kristen.pdf (204.83 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Aboriginal Legal Service of Western Australia MS1043_Legal.pdf (283.61 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Aboriginal Legal Service of Western Australia MS4020_Aboriginal_Legal.pdf (212.81 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Aboriginal Publications Foundation ms_3781_aboriginal_pubs.pdf (603.66 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Aboriginal Treaty Committee ms1867.docx (26.42 KB) Manuscript finding aid
ABORIGINAL_LA01 - interim finding aid aboriginal_la01_finding_aid_interim.pdf (126.36 KB) Audio finding aid
ABORIGINAL_LA02 - interim finding aid aboriginal_la02_finding_aid_interim.pdf (109.88 KB) Audio finding aid
Abschol (University of Queensland) MS1178.html (12.11 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Abschol - Papers and reports...1967-1973 MS2305.PDF (90.23 KB) Manuscript finding aid
Abschol - Papers and reports...1968-1972 ms_923_abschol.pdf (169.93 KB) Manuscript finding aid
AGNEW_B01 - interim finding aid agnew_b01_finding_aid_interim.pdf (118.36 KB) Audio finding aid
AHOY_C01 - interim finding aid ahoy_c01_interim_finding_aid.pdf (119.64 KB) Audio finding aid
AIAS-AIATSIS Governance records 1961- ms_5128_aiatsis_governance_records.pdf (429.63 KB) Manuscript finding aid
AIAS_14 - interim finding aid aias_14_interim_finding_aid.pdf (172.25 KB) Audio finding aid
AIAS_48 - interim finding aid aias_48_interim_finding_aid.pdf (132.2 KB) Audio finding aid
AIAS_75 - finding aid aias_75_finding_aid.pdf (937.36 KB) Audio finding aid
AIAS_89 - interim finding aid aias_89_interim_finding_aid.pdf (116.52 KB) Audio finding aid
AIATSIS_08 - interim finding aid aiatsis_08_interim_finding_aid.pdf (122.33 KB) Audio finding aid
AIATSIS_10 - finding aid aiatsis_10_finding_aid2.pdf (480.12 KB) Audio finding aid
AIATSIS_100 - interim finding aid aiatsis_100_interim_finding_aid.pdf (125.31 KB) Audio finding aid
AIATSIS_101 - interim finding aid aiatsis_101_interim_finding_aid.pdf (110.78 KB) Audio finding aid
AIATSIS_103 - interim finding aid aiatsis_103_interim_finding_aid.pdf (119.52 KB) Audio finding aid
AIATSIS_104 - interim finding aid aiatsis_104_interim_finding_aid.pdf (124.15 KB) Audio finding aid
AIATSIS_105 - interim finding aid aiatsis_105_interim_finding_aid.pdf (108.03 KB) Audio finding aid
AIATSIS_106 - interim finding aid aiatsis_106_interim_finding_aid.pdf (161.63 KB) Audio finding aid
AIATSIS_107 - interim finding aid aiatsis_107_interim_finding_aid.pdf (214.53 KB) Audio finding aid
AIATSIS_18 - interim finding aid aiatsis_18_interim_finding_aid.pdf (131.78 KB) Audio finding aid
AIATSIS_25 - interim finding aid aiatsis_25_interim-finding-aid-.pdf (131.43 KB) Audio finding aid
AIATSIS_38 - finding aid aiatsis_38_finding_aid.pdf (372.53 KB) Audio finding aid
AIATSIS_48 - interim finding aid aiatsis_48_interim_finding_aid.pdf (128.8 KB) Audio finding aid
AIATSIS_60 - interim finding aid aiatsis_60_interim_finding_aid.pdf (133.35 KB) Audio finding aid
AIATSIS_64 - interim finding aid aiatsis_64_interim_finding_aid.pdf (124.72 KB) Audio finding aid
AIATSIS_67 - interim finding aid aiatsis_67_interim_finding_aid.pdf (123.72 KB) Audio finding aid
AIATSIS_68 - interim finding aid aiatsis_68_interim_finding_aid.pdf (137.51 KB) Audio finding aid
AIATSIS_69 - interim finding aid aiatsis_69_interim_finding_aid.pdf (121.33 KB) Audio finding aid
AIATSIS_70 - interim finding aid aiatsis_70_interim_finding_aid.pdf (116.54 KB) Audio finding aid
AIATSIS_71 - interim finding aid aiatsis_71_interim_finding_aid.pdf (118.36 KB) Audio finding aid
AIATSIS_72 - interim finding aid aiatsis_72_interim_finding_aid.pdf (113.8 KB) Audio finding aid
AIATSIS_73 - interim finding aid aiatsis_73_interim_finding_aid.pdf (132.77 KB) Audio finding aid
AIATSIS_74 - interim finding aid aiatsis_74_interim_finding_aid.pdf (137.04 KB) Audio finding aid
AIATSIS_75 - interim finding aid aiatsis_75_interim_finding_aid.pdf (120.85 KB) Audio finding aid
AIATSIS_76 - interim finding aid aiatsis_76_interim_finding_aid.pdf (125.11 KB) Audio finding aid
AIATSIS_77 - interim finding aid aiatsis_77_interim_finding_aid.pdf (89.97 KB) Audio finding aid
AIATSIS_78 - interim finding aid aiatsis_78_interim_finding_aid.pdf (86.04 KB) Audio finding aid
AIATSIS_79_interim_finding_aid.pdf aiatsis_79_interim_finding_aid.pdf (131.1 KB) Audio finding aid
AIATSIS_80_interim_finding_aid.pdf aiatsis_80_interim_finding_aid.pdf (125.28 KB) Audio finding aid
AIATSIS_81_interim_finding_aid.pdf aiatsis_81_interim_finding_aid.pdf (140.07 KB) Audio finding aid
AIATSIS_82_interim_finding_aid.pdf aiatsis_82_interim_finding_aid.pdf (125.27 KB) Audio finding aid
AIATSIS_83_interim_finding_aid aiatsis_83_interim_finding_aid.pdf (117.47 KB) Audio finding aid
AIATSIS_84_interim_finding_aid.pdf aiatsis_84_interim_finding_aid.pdf (118.99 KB) Audio finding aid