Before you start

Before you start is a set of information sheets that you might find useful to read before you start your Indigenous family history research.

  • Stolen Generations: Link-Up family tracing and reunion services for Stolen Generations
  • Proof of Aboriginality: family history research and proving your Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander heritage
  • Understanding the challenges: locating historical records, dealing with distressing material, and being sure that you have the right information
  • Indigenous names: things to know about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander names in the past
  • Thinking about place: the importance of place in Indigenous family history research
  • Researching one ancestor: family history research usually starts with you and works back, but you may wish to skip back and research one particular ancestor
  • Past caring: a paper about the barriers to doing Indigenous family history research (2002)
Last reviewed: 17 Jan 2017