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Ethics Training

AIATSIS provides training and resources for researchers, PhD students, Human Research Ethics Committees, Indigenous communities and anyone else involved in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander research.

The AIATSIS ethics training is designed to teach, inform and mentor participants. This ensures the best ethical standards are incorporated into any projects involving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander research. 

Ethics training is facilitated face to face by qualified research facilitators including AIATSIS Research Ethics Committee members. Through AIATSIS’ specialised ethics training, participants will acquire:

  • An awareness of the ethical framework for research in Australia
  • An understanding of the ethical principles underpinning the AIATSIS Guidelines
  • An understanding of key issues in designing and undertaking ethical engagement practices
  • Knowledge on how to apply the principals in practice
  • An overview of the process and expectations for ethical clearance

Training can be customised to meet the needs of individual participants, communities, HRECs or organisations.

Participants are encouraged to bring prospective ethical dilemmas in their work or involvement with research, to be discussed during the training.

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Training Type

Group Size

AIATSIS Ethics Workshop

Up to 30 people 

AIATSIS Ethics Coaching Session

1–6 people

Forms, Templates and Guides

AIATSIS produces supplementary resources to the guidelines such a templates and topic specific guides to assist in the practical application of the ethical principles. Further resources will be developed over time.

Forms and Templates

AIATSIS Ethics Application Form (UPDATED FORM)

Participant Information Sheet & Informed Consent Form

Variation Letter Template (NEW TEMPLATE)

Interim & Final Report Template (NEW TEMPLATE)

Guidelines and Useful Resources

AIATSIS Guidelines for Ethical Research in Australian Indigenous Studies (GERAIS)

AIATSIS Research Ethics Committee Charter

AIATSIS Application Flowchart

AIATSIS HREC Frequently Asked Questions

National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Research Involving Humans 2007

Australian Code of the Responsible Conduct of Research

Values and Ethics – guidelines for Ethical Conduct in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Research

Keeping Research on Track: A guide for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples about health research ethics

Aboriginal Knowledge and Intellectual Property Protocol Community Guide

Ask First: A guide to respecting Indigenous heritage places and values


Last reviewed: 1 Aug 2019