Frequently asked questions

Does the AIATSIS HREC accept external applications?

The AIATSIS Human Research Ethics Committee welcomes applications from external organisations (fees apply).

How long will it take to assess my application?

Applicants will receive a response within ten (10) working days after the committee meeting.

What jurisdiction does AIATSIS ethics approval cover?

Ethics approval granted by AIATSIS applies nationally and to cross-jurisdictional research.  In most cases, approval from the AIATSIS Ethics Committee is adequate.

Do I need approval from other HREC’s?

Depending on the nature of the project, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities may request additional approval from their local or preferred Human Research Ethics Committee. In projects relating to education or health, ethics approval may be required from relevant education departments, health departments or hospitals for each jurisdiction. In considering your application the AIATSIS Ethics committee can provide further advice on this.

Do I need letters of support?

Yes, letters of support must be provided with all projects involving Aboriginal and Torres Strait people in accordance with GERAIS principle 2 and the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Research Involving Humans 2018 chapter 4.7, paragraph 4.7.2. Letters of support are evidence that the project has been discussed with relevant stakeholders, the stakeholders understand the implications of the project and the stakeholders agree the project is worthwhile. 

How do I submit a variation?

Variations to ethics clearance proposals approved by the (AIATSIS) HREC must be submitted to the Chair for approval. Complex variations will be reviewed by the entire committee.  A variation must be submitted with:

  • Variation letter addressed to the HREC Chair
  • Revised ethics approval form, with tracked changes
  • Any relevant supporting documents

Variations can be submitted via email to the Research Ethics Committee Secretariat,

Where can I direct my complaint?

Complaints can be directed to:

Dr Lisa Strelein
​Executive Director of Research
P: 02 6246 1155

Ms Kerry Sculthorpe
Chair, AIATSIS Research Ethics Committee
GPO Box 553
Canberra ACT 2601

Last reviewed: 1 Aug 2019