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Jan, 2015
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A guide on searching our Mura® Collections catalogue for material on Indigenous Australians Festivals

How do I find items relating to Indigenous Australian Festivals in the AIATSIS Collections?

Go to our Mura® Collections Catalogue and use some of the following search terms:

  • "Culture – Cultural Festivals"
  • "Aboriginal Australians – Rites and ceremonies"
  • "Religions – Christianity – Ceremonies – Coming of the Light"
  • "Dance Festivals"

You can refine your search by:

  • Browsing the AIATSIS thesauri for relevant terms
  • Place Name, for example: Torres Strait Islands
  • Language or People Name, for example: Kalaw Lagaw Ya / Kala Lagaw Ya language

To find if a library near you has the item search Trove.

Are there any online resources for Indigenous Australian Festivals?

There are a number of free websites and subscription databases containing online material, some full-text, for Indigenous Australian Festivals. Highlights include:

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