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Sep, 2019
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One of Australia’s most influential ethnomusicologists, Alice Moyle was a pioneer in her field and revered amongst her peers around the world. Between her formative years as a composer and music teacher and her retirement in 1995, Moyle documented, recorded, analysed and publicised the variety and the complexity of Australian Indigenous music. As one of the creators of the AIATSIS sound archive, she was also interested in developing archival and cataloguing techniques and technologies. She was well respected by the Indigenous communities she worked with, especially those in Groote Eyelandt where much of her work was focussed.

This guide was created with an aim to give users an overview of the many materials created by Alice Moyle and currently held at AIATSIS. Each of the five sections lists the collections or items created by Alice Moyle in the named format. Each list is prepared in chronological order.

You can read about Alice’s life, and view some of her letters and work from the AIATSIS collection here.

You can search our collections for access to the Alice Moyle Materials at AIATSIS.


Last reviewed: 31 Jan 2020