Guidebook for supporting participatory monitoring and evaluation of jointly managed parks in the Northern Territory


Dr Arturo Izurieta

Dr Natasha Stacey

Johanna Karam

Aug, 2011
Product type: 
Research outputs

This guidebook on participatory monitoring and evaluation (PME) has been developed to assist partners of jointly managed parks and reserves in the Northern Territory. The objective is to provide guidance to NT Parks, Land Council staff and traditional owners engaged in joint management on how to assess the management of their park across social, economic and biophysical areas of interest in a collaborative, efficient and effective way.

The guidebook is based on our experiences and knowledge gained through the process of developing and carrying out monitoring and evaluation in the four parks. It is hoped that it will be practical and useful and will help improve effectiveness of delivering management outcomes for parks in the NT. In particular we hope it will assist NT Parks rangers, planners and governance coordinators, traditional owners, members of joint management committees and monitoring and evaluation teams, Land Council joint management staff and facilitators. We encourage partners to be creative in the way they use the book, adapting and improving the methods and approaches to fit the local situation.

Last reviewed: 12 Sep 2016