Culture, conflict management and native title: an emerging bibliography


Sally Brockwell

Kitty Eggerking

Rebecca Morphy

Toni Bauman

Jun, 2005
Product type: 
Research outputs
Volume title: 
Indigenous Facilitation and Mediation Project
Volume number: 
Report No. 4

Research into decision-making and conflict management processes and the role ‘culture’ plays in such processes is assuming increasing importance globally. This is particularly the case in Australia, given that the emphasis of the amended Native Title Act 1993 is on agreement-making and maximising ‘outcomes’ through non-adversarial and collaborative alternative dispute resolution mechanisms such as mediation and facilitation.

The Indigenous Facilitation and Mediation Project (IFaMP) in the Native Title Research Unit at the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies commenced in July 2003. Culture, Conflict Management and Native Title: An Emerging Bibliography has been researched by various IFaMP staff intermittently since then.

The bibliography provides a broad range of references and some practical resources concerning culture, decision-making, conflict management and native title in Australia. It locates IFaMP’s research within both international and Australian research. Where possible, internet links are provided for publications which can be downloaded.

Last reviewed: 12 Sep 2016