Aboriginal music from Yirrkala and Milingimbi, North-Eastern Arnhem Land

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Alice Moyle

May, 1965
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Contains mortuary singing and children's songs, including a song played by an eleven-year-old didjeridu player. Also features the song 'Comic', based on cartoons shown during the Second World War.

Yirrkala 1962

  1. Mortuary ceremony for the removal of the spirit of the deceased. Voices, sticks and didjeridu (i–v)
  2. Mortuary ceremony continued (vi–x)

Milingimbi 1963

    1. Wind (i-ii)
    2. ‘Lullaby’ by blind female singer Bundarrngu
    3. Dog by Gubiyarrawuy
    4. Mokuy by Bundarrngu
    5. Clouds by Bundarrngu, Barralpiwuy and Mitjamitjawuy

Yirrkala 1962

  1. Children's songs
    1. Wind,
    2. Buffalo, and
    3. Pussy Cat by children
    4. Dog by Dhuwanydjika
    5. 'Thunder Man' and 'Sick Person' by Dhuwanydjika and children

Milingimbi 1962

    1. Children's songs: Two Men (i-ii) sung by Mitjamitjawuy Numbulwar 1963
    2. Children's songs: Rabbit and Fire, sung by girls: Debil and Piggy sung by Gurawul and Bandarang with Wuyal aged eleven years (didjeridu)

Yirrkala 1962

    1. East Rain
    2. East Wind sung by Mawalan with Djalalingba (didjeridu)
  1. Didjeridu only played by Djalalingby
  2. Didjeridu only played by Mawalan
    1. Spring Water
    2. Red Kangaroos sung by Mun-gurrawuy with paired sticks
  3. Ship sung by Rrikin, Djalalingba with Reiman (didjeridu)

Milingimbi 1962

    1. Flat Fish (i-ii) sung by Buranday with Darringguwuy (didjeridu)
    2. Flat Fish (iii) sung by Buranday and Djatjamirrilil with Darringguwuy (didjeridu)
    3. Seagull (i-iii) sung by Buranday, and Djatjamirrilil with Darringguwuy (didjeridu)
  1. Djatpangarri (Comic) (i-ii) sung by Minydjun with Djigalulu (didjeridu)
  2. Song words for 6a and 9a spoken by Wandjuk; for track 12 spoken by Bäya


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