Aboriginal Music - Travelling Songs ('Song Lines') from Southern Arnhem Land; also songs from Bathurst and Melville Islands

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Alice Moyle

Feb, 1965
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Recorded by: Alice M Moyle

This title contains demonstrations of the use of boomerang clapsticks as accompaniment to songs. Also featured are some eisteddford items sung by boys from Bathurst and Melville Islands, as well as some songs from Milingimbi and an 'Island Dance' song performed with guitars and ukulele.

Ngukurr 1963

    1. Boomerang clapsticks sounded by Ganbukbuk
    2. Djanbaluwa (i-v) sung by Garadji with boomerang clapsticks
  1. Yarangindjirri (i-iii) sung by Mityundurr and Ganbukbuk with boomerang clapsticks

Numbulwar 1963

  1. Ngadidji women's corroboree (i-vi) sung by Yabumana and female assistants; boomerang clapsticks sounded by Yabumanat
  2. Wandimulungu (i-vi) sung by Mardi with improvised percussion (substituted for boomerang clapsticks)

Ngukurr 1963

  1. Djarrkun (i-xvii) sung by Mityundurr with paired sticks

Barrunga 1962

    1. Galwangara (i-iii)
    2. (b) Women's Djarada (i-iii) sung by Wuymalu with improvised percussion (tin beaten with stick)

Darwin 1962

    1. 'Army Tent'
    2. 'Bomb on Darwin' sung by boys from Bathurst and Melville Islands
  1. Song words for the above spoken by (a) Tauntalum and (b) Pautalura
  2. Dance chants from Bathurst and Melville Islands sung by school boys with hand-clapping
  3. Words for the above spoken by Tauntalum
  4. Songs (Djanba and Balga) by men and women with paired sticks

Milingimbi 1962

  1. Songs from
    1. Maningrida
    2. Cape Stewart by Minydjun, Ngalakandi and Balimang with Djikululu (didjeridu)

Ngukurr 1963

  1. Island Dance (i-iii) performed by young men with guitars and ukulele
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