Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Land Fund Native Title Representative Bodies Inquiry Jan 2006

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This submission provides information on how AIATSIS contributes to the capacity and coordination of NTRB activities as well as commenting on the roles, functions and resourcing of NTRBs.

It also makes 10 recommendations to the Parliamentary Joint Committee. See the submission for details of the recommendations.                         

Section 1 of this submission provides information about AIATSIS native title activities which are primarily conducted through the Native Title Research Unit.

The NTRU plays a key role in facilitating a whole of government approach to native title working with a wide range of stakeholders across the sector. In particular the NTRU contributes to the professional development of native title practitioners through the research it conducts, publications and resources it produces and the events and activities it organises.

Section 2 addresses the role and structure of NTRBs, highlighting the need for a system wide analysis of NTRBs to better understand their roles and functions as they have developed over the last decade and to inform policy development and funding decisions. An examination of existing governance and management structures illustrates the need for flexible arrangements which enable NTRBs to respond to the particular needs of their clients.

Section 3 addresses the need to increase the levels NTRB funding and the importance of providing NTRBs with greater financial security through the provision of multi-year funding. The issue of funding for Prescribed Bodies Corporate is also discussed within the context of ensuring that native title holders are adequately resourced and supported to exercise their native title rights. 

Section 4 reflects on the impact of external parties on NTRB operations and funding models. 

Last reviewed: 17 Jul 2017