Yawuru futures: economic sustainability and investment (a policy paper)

Thursday, 7 June 2018
Peter Yu

The purpose of this Policy Paper is to set out a roadmap for Yawuru strategic investment and ultimately, the ongoing economic sustainability of the Yawuru Corporate Group and the further participation of the Yawuru people in the social and financial rewards of a vibrant community. Yet any roadmap so laid out must be multi-dimensional to take into account the Yawuru Cultural framework of mabu buru, mabu liyan and mabu ngarrungunil, where the holistic development of good liyan is not overtaken in a frantic rush for economic returns.

The Policy Paper thus outlines the Yawuru Cultural Framework as a definition of the Yawuru brand and places the objectives, principles and strategies of Yawuru strategic investment on one platform. 

The Policy Paper paces economic policy in the context of history and culture, and examines broader economic assumptions. The policy paper has been prepared after strategic discussions with Yawuru Corporate Group focussing on the central question of how best to secure Yawuru’s long-term economic future in a rapidly changing economic and political environment in the local, national and global contexts. 

This Policy Paper proposes a broad direction for Yawuru to secure its future within these dynamics.