Working on Country and IPAs: A clear articulation and assertion of native title rights

Tuesday, 5 June 2018
Mr William Durack
Trisha Birch
Mr Kevin George

Across the Kimberley and more broadly across Australia the determination of Native Title rights have been hard fought. In the Kimberley, in 2018, we find ourselves largely in a post determination era.

In this era, one clear articulation of how Native Title rights are used in a positive and Traditional Owner driven way, are the Working on Country and Indigenous Protected Areas programs. This statement is reasonably well accepted both in the Kimberley and across the Nation. The element that is less obvious is the critical role that these programs and associated staff often play in the development of capacity and empowerment of PBCs.
This session will explore what this looks like on the ground through an examination of case studies in the Kimberley. The case studies are not yet final but will most likely include ranger group representatives from the Bardi Jawi Niimidiman Aboriginal Corporation, Balanggarra Aboriginal Coorporation and Tjurabalan Native Title Land Aboriginal Corporation.