Women are the womb of the nation. We have equal rights to run the country!

Wednesday, 1 June 2016
Mary Graham
Amelia Kunoth-Monks
Cheryl Kitchner
Joann Schmider

An Aboriginal women’s perspective on what are communal rights, and how women as cultural rights holders have the authority to speak for country. The women’s talking circle will empower women to put on their Ooloobaringa (Arrernte) the women’s army of this country to awaken the wisdom in each other to form an alliance that will add strength to their individual voices to protect our Mother Earth and her Children.

As women we need in each of our generations to step up and take our rightful place as leaders in our communities. For centuries our women have regularly gathered to share our visions. Women Elders watched over the physical and spiritual survival of family, they are the keepers of knowledge and rituals that allow us to flourish, and they uphold social order. Women Elders were always consultedbefore any major decisions. This practice will be revived and this workshop will re-discover how women get their voice and how they can use it.