Unlocking the potential of the Indigenous estate

Wednesday, 1 June 2016
Eddie Fry

The ILC assists Indigenous Australians to acquire land and manage Indigenous-owned land. According to some estimates, the Indigenous Estate now covers up to 40 per cent of Australia.

The Board is developing the fifth National Indigenous Land Strategy to reposition the ILC as a partner to Indigenous groups in realising benefits from their land holdings. The ILC believes the Indigenous Estate has untapped potential that could be unlocked through more active, collaborative management.

The ILC wants to assist in consolidating and building on the potential of the Indigenous Estate, so it is recognised as a complex that is well run, open for business and a natural partner for investors, and as a source of value for our people and the nation. Realising this concept requires that Indigenous groups share a collective vision that would also enable them to derive benefits locally, as much contemporary Indigenous culture remains grounded in locality. More strategic use of the Indigenous Estate would assist Indigenous Australians to build the intergenerational wellbeing and prosperity necessary for the maintenance of Indigenous culture and identity.

The ILC has started work on its future strategy seeking to deliver more and engage more. We will work constructively with stakeholders to ensure the ILC delivers the best possible outcomes as Indigenous people across Australia depend on what we do, and how well we do it.