Trials and triumph of the Walmajarri people

Tuesday, 5 June 2018
Peter Murray
Irene Jimbidie

Our PBC worked through effectively with the pastoral owners with regards to the lastest claim for Walmajarri people. We can highlight the initial barriers brought against the claim e.g. the difficulties and finally the triumphant conclusion and agreement by both parties (Walmajarri and Pastoralists) to effectively work together resulting in the final determination of the Federal Courts Hearing of the Yi Martuwarra Claim....the last part of the Walmajarri lands.

Our story truly reflects the conference theme of Many Laws, One Land: legal and politacal co-existence. There is two different systems of law existing for the use of land...the traditional way which is used by our people for thousands of years and the Pastoralist's law to use land for the cattle industry in our region. Walmajarri and Pastoralist had t-o work out on how we would work together for the benefit of all involved.