Sustainable development through asset leasing

Wednesday, 1 June 2016
Graeme Smith
Ray McInnes
Gordon Noonan

This panel explores an approach to leveraging the income streams of native title groups and other Indigenous organisations in order to finance community development projects or local businesses. The approach involves the use of asset leasing solutions developed by IBA which supports Indigenous groups to sustainably manage their business or community development assets. IBA has been able to support a number of Indigenous organisations around Australia using asset leasing solutions to acquire a very diverse range of assets, including for civil construction assets, demountable accommodation, vehicles, machinery and equipment.

The panel will explore a case-study, where IBA and Manungurra Aboriginal Corporation have been working together to finance the acquisition of Manungurra’s community development assets including vehicles and solar panels with battery storage for outstation housing. These assets are part of a broader Manungurra community development plan which aims to ensure traditional owners are supported in their goal to live independently on-country.