Support post ILUA implementation

Tuesday, 3 June 2014
Des Mongoo

Meenangu Wajarri Aboriginal Corporation (MWAC) has a Murchision Radio‑astronomy Observatory Agreement Indigenous Land Use Agreement (MRO ILUA) with the Federal Government (CSIRO), the Western Australian Government (Minister for Lands), Yamatji Marlpa Aboriginal Corporation (YMAC) and the Wajarri Yamatji Native Title Claim Group.

MWAC have several obligations to undertake under the MRO ILUA. These include:

  • Establish and incorporate Wajarri Yamatji entities (WY), (MWAC & WWBL).
  • Determine a process to develop the rulebook with the WY peoples, which must be approved by NNTP.
  • Incorporate an Approved Body Corporate under the CATSI Act.
  • Approved Body Corporate (ABC) must be registered for GST, and be in a position to issue invoices prior to signing of Ratification Deed, signed 21 June 2013.
  • Incorporate a Trustee Company and a Public Company.
  • After signing of Ratification Deed take over rights and obligations of WY people under the MRO ILUA, however excluding those that arose prior to signing.

The two biggest issues facing MWAC and WWBL are the expectations of members, not understanding the requirements of the obligations of MWAC & WWBL under the MRO ILUA and the CATSI Act.

MWAC under the MRO ILUA have been granted $400,000 per year for five years to administer the operations of both boards, MWAC & WWBL, under the blueprint for the Midwest Development Commission (MWDC) services that they are targeting. The $400,000 is not nearly enough. MWAC have obligations to WY.

People and accountability therefore should be undertaken through an alliance between MWAC and MWDC. This MRO ILUA will eventually be recognised worldwide once phase two commences. MWAC would dearly love to show the world that we can determine a bright, positive future, for our people; however, to achieve this we need more assistance and need to be recognised by our peers as worthy recipients of this MRO ILUA