The social economic and cultural opportunities of native title

Tuesday, 16 June 2015
The Hon Fred Chaney AO
Harvey Murray
Ian Rawlings

This paper will look at some of the more difficult issues of the post determination world that Central Desert has been grappling with and for a number of years now. While we may not have solutions to these issues we do have some good experience to draw on to open a wider discussion on where they are leading us.

The issues the paper will explore are:

  • Achieving social economic and cultural gains though native title.
  • The high cost of a technical and adversarial approach.
  • The difficult task of aiding independence and Aboriginal control.
  • The moral hazards in corporate structures.

The exploration will include examples of things we find are working and some of the obstacles and challenges we have met along the way. This paper is an invitation to engage in an ongoing discussion.