Show us the Map

Monday, 2 June 2014
Julie-Ann Stoll
Stephen Edwards

The Central Land Council (CLC) has a long tradition of generating its own maps. A decision to use ESRI - Geographical Information System software in the 1990s set the organisation on a land information digital trajectory for the acquisition, storage and management of digital data, and the display of that data in maps essential to the functional requirements of the CLC.

Our presentation will explore the varied practical applications and uses of maps. These include consultation with traditional owners in matters concerning exploration, mining, conservation, fire management and pastoral activities, as well as uses in the field from sacred site clearances and protection to annexures for legal agreements, native title claims and exploration agreements.

We will also discuss the technology, resources and data management requirements of good map making. This will include the interface between collecting data in the field, the use of Google Earth, GPS technology and ground trothing to support making good maps,
and their importance in serving the operational requirements of the CLC.

Finally the presentation will cover future directions of the mapping capability of the CLC, and the benefits of in-house mapping service provision to its clients and constituents.