Securing the grand bargain for future generations

Wednesday, 17 June 2015
Dr Dawn Casey

The Land Account and the ILC were established as key elements of the ‘grand bargain’ that underpinned the passage of the NTA in 1993 and provided partial compensation for the “vast majority of Indigenous Australians (that) have been dispossessed of that which is most precious to their sense of history and spirituality, that most essential component of their heritage—their land” . In return for certainty for non-Indigenous Australians regarding the security of land tenure provided by the NTA, Aboriginal interests were granted access to a Land Fund, implemented through the establishment of the Land Account and the ILC. Marking the 20th anniversary of the ILC, it is now a mature, experienced Indigenous controlled agency. As it continues to mature, the ILC is developing new program delivery arrangements that will have greater flexibility to work in partnership with Indigenous land owners to develop projects that deliver and maximize sustainable benefits. The ILC continues to be a key institution in the architecture of native title; so how do we communicate the history and ongoing significance of the Grand Bargain to young Indigenous Australians and ensure that the Land Account and the ILC are secure for future generations?