Prescribed Bodies Corporate (PBCs) Capabilities and Services Framework - enabling PBCs to assess, evaluate and develop their capability and function to maximise capacity in managing native title

Monday, 5 June 2017
Erika Blades
Chelsea Stanway

The PBC capability and services framework is a comprehensive model that PBCs can use to asses the critical tasks required of a sustainably functioning, self-sufficient PBC. The framework supports the PBC to identify the capability they need to mature and the processes, systems and services that are required to progress the PBC toward independence and self-sufficiency. The framework specifically targets the development of those PBCs which are maturing and where additional strategic support will build capacity to allow the PBC to better engage in opportunities for sustainable economic development. This includes PBCs being able to identify, target and access the best value from PBC support services available to them.
The KLC is currently working with a number of PBCs throughout the Kimberley region in assessing capabilities and services under the framework. Through a model of facilitation and engagement, PBCs are able to obtain a holistic view of their current capabilities and establish proactive capability pathways and support services that are best placed to sustainably cultivate functional and dynamic PBCs into the future. Such capability can better place PBCs to actively engage and initiate opportunities derived from Native Title for Traditional Owners.