Prescribed Bodies Corporate (PBC) Toolkit Program Partnership

Tuesday, 16 June 2015
Ian Kuch
Brad Foster
Claire Stacey

The North Queensland Land Council Native Title Representative Body Aboriginal Corporation (NQLC) has more Native Title (NT) Determinations than any other region in the country, with a total of 27 Prescribed Bodies Corporate (PBC) operating in the NQLC region of varying capacity levels.

It became imperative for the NQLC to develop innovative strategies to address capacity development issues for Registered Native Title Bodies Corporate (RNTBC) and improve their ability to manage their often complex responsibilities. 

The NQLC has commenced a partnership with AIATSIS to develop 20 Modules that will assist PBCs in all areas of their of RNTBC operations. It is further proposed to have these modules accredited for delivery to PBCs in our region, via an alliance with Queensland TAFE. Although these modules were primarily developed to address capacity issues within the NQLC’s region, the NQLC is happy to share the materials nationally after a suitable trial in our own region.

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