Our future, Yarrabah way

Tuesday, 16 June 2015
Vincent Mundraby
Elverina Johnson
Sue Andrews

Yarrabah is a discrete north Queensland community of 2409 residents; although current attending clients at the health centre far exceed the most recent census data at 4200. The traditional owners are the Gunggandji for the Northern part of Yarrabah and jointly Gungandji Mandingalby Yidinji peoples for the Sourthern part of Yarrabah.

We welcome the organisation of our people for political, economic, social and cultural advancement. Yarrabah people will drive our community developments in accordance with our aspirations and needs.

Today a group of like-minded community people are committed to putting a new arrangement in place which will contribute to long term “Essential Service Delivery” to create a healthy, smart, safe, sustainable, employed and economically participating community.

The intent is to build a stronger, resilient community through a resurgent of invested social capital, market economy and individual economic independence. A Reciprocal Accountability Framework will define shared responsibility across service providers and Government Departments to achieve common goals in a Yarrabah Community Model. 

Stakeholders involved must be responsible for their commitments and for their part of the process, recognising that each part is interdependent and interconnected and that the decisions we make and actions we take have an impact on one another and the process as a whole. Stakeholders are to affirm mutual respect, recognition and support of one another and formalise a cooperative working relationship to politically represent the interests of our People and develop the strategies and actions to bring positive change in our Community.