Open space facilitation: How can we work better together so that decisions are meaningful and agreements stick?

Tuesday, 3 June 2014
Toni Bauman
Brendan McKeague

In line with the Open Space principle that the intention and purpose of an Open Space meeting is declared transparently in the invitation to attend.

Part 1 will be introduced by Toni Bauman as the sponsor of the process on behalf of AIATSIS and participants will be invited to consider the question. ‘How can we work BETTER together so that decisions are meaningful and agreements stick?’

Issues such as the need for engagement with all stakeholders in order to address complexity, ways of sharing power and working collaboratively and stories of successful strategies are likely to arise, but participants will also bring a range of other topics to the discussion. The Open Space methodology allows participants to create their own agenda by naming the issues, topics and questions that are important to them. It is based around circle work, respect for complexity and diversity and the emergence of often unpredictable, yet appropriate, outcomes, and a commitment to model nonviolence as a way of working together.

Part 2 will invite participants from Part 1 of the Open Space session, together with others who care to join them, to continue the process, including reviewing the method, identifying significant learning, and reflecting on the potential of the process in native title contexts.