Open for business: Introducing the federation of Victorian traditional owner corporations

Monday, 2 June 2014
Janine Coombs

Victoria’s alternative settlement mechanism, the Traditional Owner Settlement Act 2010, has seen an increase in the pace and breadth of achieving settlements

Moving forward to a post-settlement environment, Victoria’s landscape will be comprised of strong, healthy Traditional Owner corporations acting collectively to progress mutually beneficial opportunities by leveraging settlements. With over three-quarters of the state now represented by native title determinations, settlements and applications, and with all claims anticipated to be settled over the next five years, a new representative body has emerged to facilitate innovative and sustainable economic outcomes through collaborative partnership.

The Federation of Victorian Traditional Owner Corporations is a first of its kind alliance of Traditional Owner corporations that provides an amplified, united voice to corporations otherwise working alone. Incorporated in 2013 at the initiative of its members, the federation is driving forward its agenda for improved political, economic and Country outcomes, and is quickly establishing itself as the solid, unified and progressive springboard from which Traditional Owners will launch into the real economy, the type of company that industry will want to do business with, and a vehicle to enable Traditional Owner corporations to thrive, rather than merely survive, in the post-settlement environment.