Ngalpun lag - managing land tenure and native title on Badu: successes and challenges

Monday, 5 June 2017
Mr Frank Loban

Over the next years this organisation will become major developers for Badu Island and will be more involved in the economic and social growth of Badu Island. Mura Badulgal (TSI) Corporation RNTBC is moving towards greater autonomy and creating employment opportunities and economic development for Badulgal. 

The RNTBC is confident they can deliver the goals identified in their strategic plan and will provide a pathway for other Indigenous communities in making their vision a reality. 

Snap shot of the PBC – where are they now? 

  • Finalising lease agreements with commercial, government and private entities.
  • Managing assets that have been inherited from Council.
  • 2 staff employed full time.
  • Property Managers of buildings transferred with the responsibility of being the trustee of the DOGIT. 
  • Trustee of the lands of behalf of its traditional owners. 
  • Registered Native Title Body Corporation – manage Native Title matters on behalf of Badulgal. 
  • Lead agency within community. 
  • Resolves disputes within families around land matters. 
  • Advocate on behalf of its traditional owners. 
  • Effectively managing good governance of the corporation with consideration to traditional lores and kastoms. 
  • Policy and program development.